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First Ride - Hillbilly

Terry was picking up her scooter at Griffin Motor Sport, close to my place, so I decided to meet her there at 9 a.m. and ride together to the Travelodge in Latham. It was overcast, chilly, and the wind was starting to pick-up. Chuck Price joined us on his big Burg.

Chuck, Terry, and Scott's NelliBee.

We seem to have the exact same weather for our first ride every year, threateningly overcast, chilly, and blustery. But off we rode to find the Angry Hillbillies. A minor wrong turn, and then the dramatic drive up the Mohawk River by several 19th c. locks.

We stopped at a dirt parking area. The road continued ominously to where Rambler Dan encountered the Angry Hillbillies. A cold wind was starting to blow and a foreboding chill gripped us as a pick up truck passed and then slowed by the no-trespassing signs nailed to a tree.

The ominous Hillbilly Road.

We decided to head back via rt. 32, stopped at the Rumble Headquarters in the Capital District Farmer’s Market in Menands, and then made our way down broadway to eat at Wolff's Biergarten, where we happily piled peanut shells.

Yup, the 2016 A☆Town Rumblers riding season begins. Next up, Ice Cream Twist at Kurver Kreme, 1349 Central Ave, Colonie. Tuesday, April 26 at 7 p.m.

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