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NelliBee Goes To Her Inaugural Ball

I emailed Scott early Sunday morning, a couple of weeks back, to see if he wanted to take a scooter ride with his new NelliBee and sure enough, he wanted to and could! He suggested that we go up to Thacher park since that was his first longer ride with his beloved NelliBelle, roughly 25,000 miles ago. How fitting would that be?

So Bee has twice the displacement of Belle - 300 vs. 150 cc - and the climb up to Thacher was remarkable. I was leading on the P2 - No, just joking! I had the Burgman 650 and was leading so I turned it up a bit on the hill. Scott easily kept up with me, and at the top I remarked that the Bee was cruising up that hill at about the top speed of Belle on the level! Scott is pleased!

It was a pleasant day with the sun partially out. We ran into a caver friend of mine and stopped by a cave owner's house (naturally). Scott remarked that the Bee handled better and felt more secure that ole Belle. I hope there's not bad vibs in the Brodie garage where Bee sits close to Belle!

Bob's Burg and Scott's NelliBee up on the Helderberg escarpment.

Bob's Berg and Scott's NelliBee up at Thatcher Park on the Helderberg Escarpment

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