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The A-Town Rumblers, a little history.


The A-town Rumble burst from the Menand's Farmer's Market in July of 2010. Organized by Chuck Price and his family as a fund raiser for JDRF, it brought moped and scooter riders from across the Northeast to "Rumble" through the streets of Albany, Menands, Watervliet and Troy.


Seeing the turnout of riders, Jerry Dunn, Chuck Price, and Scott Brodie had the brilliant idea that the A-Town Rumble could be the basis of a moped and scooter club. Soon after, the Capital District Scooter and Moped Club (CDSMC) was born with Jerry as its President.


Under Jerry's leadership, with a full schedule of rides and activities for both new and experienced riders, the club grew rapidly. We had short local rides, medium rides, and our first two-state overnight ride to Hartford, Connecticut! We also began the traditions of an inaugural ride through Albany at the beginning of the season, and a ride up to the Heldebergs for a group photo at the season's close. Restaurants and ice cream joints became destinations, and a family picnic with or without scooters became a tradition, too. The A-Town Rumble remained the pivotal event of the riding season as it continued to raise more money for JDRF.


When Jerry stepped down as President in 2012, CDSMC formed a Steering Group of several regular riders who took over the leadership. In the last few years, we have expanded our rides to include overnight trips to Martha's Vineyard, Pennsylvania, the Finger lakes in Western NY, and more, and we have expanded our shorter day trips, too. Our mailing list and facebook friends have shown steady and impressive annual growth.


In 2013, seeing that the moped riders had spun off their own group, the Mohawk Mammoths, CDSMC altered its official name to reflect this change. While keeping its familiar initials, the new name became the somewhat tortured, Capital District Scooter Motoring Collective.


In 2014, with another successful year under our belt, we officially partnered with the A-Town Rumble organization. A plan developed to expand the Rumble into a 3 day rally that would attract a greater number of riders from beyond the Capital District and raise more funds for JDRF. Once that partnership was established, we decided to change our name one more time. Our new name brought us back to our roots and acknowledged our partnership with the A-Town Rumble. We became, the A-Town Rumblers. 

A - Town Rumble #1, July 2010


Words can’t describe how fun and successful the A-Town Rumble was. I don’t think that even big metropolitan areas like Los Angeles or New York City could do much better as far as turnout. There were so many scooters that riders were able to park next to other scooters that had the same color. We had a whole row of just light blue scooters! 


I think the final calculation was somewhere around 50 bikes participating and many more people. 

- Jerry Dunn

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