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Conquering Mt. Greylock - 2011

A 47 year Obsession!


by Bob Addis


During the summer of 1963, I was riding a 1959 Vespa 125, 3 speed, 43 mph top speed. Two friends had ridden to the top of Mt. Greylock with more powerful scooters, I was absolutely amazed and envious at the same time - my little scooter couldn't do that!


Fast forward 47 years and Jerry Dunn had invited me to join the Capital District Scooter and Moped Club (now A-Town Rumblers).  We planned a trip up Mt. Greylock on a day with questionable weather. I was riding my trusty 1980 Vespa P200E and Jerry let me lead as the smallest scooter.


The rain increased with every gain in elevation to the point that I

stopped to see if the other riders wanted to continue on the slippery

autumn leaves covering the roadway.  I had been riding a very sedate

15-20 mph uphill, and when I stopped, a handful of bicyclists came

flying down the mountain with little heed to the road conditions.  I

never asked my question, Jerry shouted encouragement, and we continued

up to the top.


The parking lot on the top was so dismal that there wasn't an

attendant to charge fees.  We walked the sidewalk through the dense

fog to the lodge and could barely see the huge monument from the walk

A hot lunch and drying of gear was greatly



As often occurs, the rain slowed then stopped on the way down the

mountain and finally the sun broke out on our ride back to the Capital



Greylock has been a fascination  for us and numerous trips have been

taken up there, but none have been as memorable as my first in 2010!

I love riding my Vespa up that mountain and continually fulfilling a

young man's dream!


- Bob "Canonball" Addis





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